Lake Superior | October 18-19, 2003


David Higgins celebrates his 7th win of the season
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The Lancer Evolution on Saturday afternoon
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Getting ready for action at LSPR 2003
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Daniel Barritt adjusts the car's tire pressure
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The car was responsive and fast
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Fall conditions made for excellent viewing
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Day 2 Update

Saturday, October 18th, 2003

Team Mitsubishi Motor Sports America
2003 LSPR ProRally: Day 2 News & Notes

Higgins ends the 2003 season on top, winning LSPR

It was the end of a remarkable journey, a journey that started and ended here in Michigan. From early January until now, Team Mitsubishi Motor Sports America showed it’s mettle and determination, ending as true champions: on the podium and solidly in first place. David Higgins, 2003 Driver’s Champion, capped an epic year with his seventh and final victory of the season here at the Lake Superior ProRally.

Friday Higgins battled back and fourth with new Subaru driver Pasi Hagstrom. The two were virtually tied after 9 stages of racing, and continued their newfound rivalry throughout the day Saturday.

Higgins fought through a series of problems, culminating with a transmission failure on the last stage. With the car stuck in third gear, teammate Lauchlin O’Sullivan came to the rescue, towing him to the finish.

Two years in a row winning the Driver’s Championship: an impressive and congratulatory feat. The entire series tips their hat to Higgins, a driver for the ages and a proud member of Team Mitsubishi Motor Sports America.

Higgins was his usual modest self after the race. Looking back, he noted, “It’s been a brilliant year, fantastic to win seven rallies in one season, quite an achievement.” He was equally straightforward in his goals for next season: “I want to win as many rallies as I enter, the Driver’s Championship, and I want to do it with Mitsubishi.”

Also to be congratulated is Christian Edstrom. By locking up second in the Co-Driver’s Championship, he completed a clean sweep of trophies for Team Mitsubishi Motor Sports America.

However it was not easy by any means. Lauchlin O’Sullivan, who drove a great race, had continuous small troubles throughout the day. It all started on the first stage, when a hard landing punctured the radiator. With coolant leaking, O’Sullivan and Edstrom continued onward, adding water as necessary. This saved the engine and brought them safely to service where the crew quickly replaced the damaged components.

In addition, O’Sullivan had a driveshaft failure, but was never deterred. The pair kept pace and achieved their goal.

One and Two in the Driver’s Championship, One and Two in the Co-Driver’s Championship. “You couldn’t wish for a better result, so I think we have a lot to live up to next year. I’m thrilled for 2004,” said Edstrom at the finish.

The year has gone by quickly. From the team’s inception to its current place atop the SCCA ProRally series, Team Mitsubishi Motor Sports America has risen swiftly. Through great driving from Champions David Higgins and Lauchlin O’Sullivan and their respective co-drivers, to all the team technicians who worked tirelessly on the cars, and finally to the management who made it all possible, thank you for an amazing season of rally racing.

Final Results

1   David Higgins / Daniel Barritt   1   Mitsubishi   1:50:34
2   Ramana Lagemann / Michael Orr   5   Subaru   1:51:37
3   Pasi Hagstrom / Marko Taskinen   14   Subaru   1:53:05
4   Paul Choiniere / John Bennie   11   Hyundai   1:53:23
5   Lauchlin O'Sullivan / Christian Edstrom   6   Mitsubishi   1:54:07
6   Tom McGeer / Howard Davies   17   Subaru   1:55:27
7   John Buffum / Stephen McAuley   85   Hyundai   1:57:22
8   Tim O'Neil / Alex Gelsomino   29   Ford   1:58:36
9   Doug Havir / Scott Putnam   88   Subaru   2:00:30
10   Shane Mitchell / Paul Donnelly   45   Subaru   2:00:38
11   Doug Shepherd / Pete Gladysz   52   Dodge   2:05:24
12   Josh Jacquot / Dave Coleman   54   Dodge   2:12:07
13   Otis Dimiters / Peter Monin   774   Subaru   2:13:15
14   Chris Whiteman / Mike Paulin   143   Dodge   2:13:29
15   Jake Himes / Silas Himes   535   Nissan   2:14:09
16   Russell Hodges / Mike Rossey   565   Subaru   2:14:24
17   Valdemaras Maciukevicius / Ernest Bogusevicius   81   Subaru   2:15:14
18   Henry Krolikowski / Al Kaumeheiwa   44   Subaru   2:16:33
19   Chris Czyzio / Eric Carlson   521   Mitsubishi   2:18:25
20   Eric Burmeister / Cindy Krolikowski   42   Mazda   2:21:05

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