Lars Gange - phone 802.238.7809
"Knowing Lars as I have, if I were dangling from a rope I would want him on the other side. He will give 150% of effort anytime day or night."
WEEGEE SMITH - TMU Lead, George 1 Recovery Project
The George 1 Recovery Project was introduced to me last year by my longtime friend WeeGee Smith. Immediately the expedition resonated with my interest in aviation and my passion for winter and ice in all of its forms. My travel experience in both the Canadian and Alaskan Arctic and the broad range of skills that I can offer would make me an asset to the team while manning the camera or out from behind the lens. Additionally, 8 years as a rally photographer has taught me how to plan well and flexibly execute those objectives. Whether high-speed trekking or patiently waiting for the right shot, vigorous exercise and patience while in the elements is commonplace.

People describe me as having endless energy, a positive attitude, common sense, and excellent communication skills. I excel in sub-zero temperatures and I'm excited to have an opportunity to visit the other pole and collaborate with you on George 1.

Cooperative, respectful of others, open to multiple perspectives on issues.

Resourceful Problem Solver
High Attention to Detail
Expert Cross Country Skier
Excellent Map Reading and Navigation Skills
Helicopter Flight Training
10+ years in Web Development incl. Satellite uplink for web updates from the ice
Auto Mechanic including emergency repairs
Working knowledge of Electrical & Mechanical Systems
PC Troubleshooting & Configuration
Fluent in Norwegian
Dawson City, Yukon Territories - January 12th, 2005 - 9AM
After a good nights sleep (despite the gallon of water at my feet to keep it from freezing), we crawled out of our down bags and checked the temperature outside our vehicle. It has dropped to an amazing -53 degrees Fahrenheit. We were safe within the town, but that night served as our cold test for us and our vehicle. If we had a breakdown, we were well equipped to handle the elements and wait it out.

The cold does not bother me, and if anything I love it. In Fairbanks, Alaska on a spectacular night with the northern lights, I stayed out taking photos until every piece of camera equipment stopped working. It was -40 below and 5AM when I returned to base.
I build winter shelter and Igloos. This particular igloo held 10 people with enough headroom to stand up.
A 20,000 mile road trip and expedition in the dead of winter from Burlington, VT to the depths of the Canadian Arctic.

The skills I have honed while working for the Subaru Rally Team USA over the past eight years are similar to what I imagine will be required on this expedition. Endurance, a creative eye, determination, excellent physical fitness and experience shooting in extreme conditions.

I attend 10+ rally car racing events throughout the year and the job involves a unique mix of skills.

- It begins with scouting and mapping the 200-300 mile, often remote race course to look for all the best shooting locations.
- During the event days I run 5-10 miles per day with heavy camera equipment to gain access to locations while roads are closed.
- The days end with 5 hours of photo editing and the web updates.



CURRENT JOB - BLACKBULLET LLC - Webdesign, photography, print
I started BlackBullet LLC after I graduated from college in 1999. Our customers have included The Gillette Company and Subaru of America along with dozens of local businesses. My company offers full turn-key web solutions. By learning and understanding the business needs of our customers, we provide their customers with needed web content and functionality. Our custom photography is always part of the package and sets us apart from the competition.



Willing to go to Survival Training School if that would be beneficial to the group.

I repair broken down cars, am an expert at vehicle extraction, have camped extensively in the winter and am very self sufficient. I don't panic under pressure and can work up a reasonable solution to most problems. Also have an amazing ability to just keep on going if the situation warrants extreme endurance. I also perform well with little sleep.

I do believe careful preparation is the key to avoiding any major trouble.


- Arctic Canada (Winter)
- Arctic Alaska (All Seasons)
- Arctic Norway
- Labrador & Northern Quebec
- Australia, New Zealand (lived for 6 months)
- China, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam
- Mainland Europe, Norway (lived for several years), Germany
- Kenya


- I Shoot with state of the art Nikon equipment (D3, D2x)
- Member of Nikon Professional Services for several years
- Lots of winter and cold/wet temperature shooting experience
- Multiple strobe flash experience
- Shoot film for panoramics (Hasselblad X-Pan) and long exposures

- Qty 3+ Nikon D3 bodies (works amazingly well in the cold)
- Nikon film bodies for back-up
- Full line of Nikon Pro Lenses
- Qty 5+ Nikon SB-800 Flash Units
- Fuji GX617 Panoramic Camera
- Would cold test in real condition all actual equipment going on expedition

For the past few years I have taken time-lapse photography of the rally cars being assembled and converted the image sequences into timelapse movies. I could see some potential for this on or under the ice as this works well incorporated into video.

This is a complete teardown of a brand new car, roll cage installation and final assembly with multiple camera angles.

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